FotoWeek DC: YUM 2 (even yummier)

In conjunction with FotoWeek DC 2010The Art Institute of Washington will once again be hosting an exhibition celebrating the marriage of food & photography…

YUM 2 (even yummier)

The Art Institute of Washington

1820 North Fort Meyer Drive
Arlington, Va 22209
Opening Reception: November 11th @ 5:30
The show will run from November 6th – 13th… Hope to see ya there!


Mmmmm… Mojitos: A Portable Studio


The images for this project were created “on location” at various restaurants around the DC metro area… thus required a practical & portable studio set up.  When dealing with cold drinks… it’s inevitable that the seamless will continually get wet & need to be replenished as one works.  To practically solve this need for LOTS of paper & portability… I decided to take a small hand saw to a 53″ white seamless and very gingerly saw it in half.  This conveniently yielded two 26″ rolls.  Nice and small… & more than I needed.  Anyway… here’s it goes:


1. 7″ Reflector – positioned directly behind the white seamless… thus acting as both a background and a diffused light source. This effect illuminates the drink like a slide on a light table.

2. Softbox (on a boom) – positioned directly overhead. Lowered further down than shown in this pic. This softly lights the garnish and fills shadows on the base of the paper.

50 Best Restaurants: 2009

The goal for this story was to create high quality imagery to compliment high quality food. Knowing that I was to be working with the area’s most sophisticated chefs & restaurants… I planned to create an elegant, soft and subtle lighting concept to employ at every location. When assigned to a feature, It is important to me that image quality be consistent throughout the story. I always count on unforeseen obstacles to come into play… especially when shooting at so many different locations. Even though I had a lighting concept in tote for this story… the need to think on my feet and improvise proved to be necessary at more than a few restaurants.



November ’09
“50 Best Restaurants”
2941 Restaurant: Grilled Octopus
Inox Restaurant: Lobster & Short Rib Ravioli