New Work from the Sport & Fitness Collection

Ben Smith | Jonathan Timmes Photography

Ben Smith | Jonathan Timmes Photography

These images were created as part of a personal exploration of professional & amateur athletic training. Thanks to Benjamyn Smith for participating as our featured talent and to Matt DeBruycker for producing the shoot. We are looking forward to tracking down more athletes & adding to the collection. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating… please contact me at To see more of our work with athletes… please visit

Strathmore: Artist-in-Residence Program

Every year, we have the fortune to work with Strathmore in creating a collection of marketing assets for their AIR music program.  Over the course of two days, we collaborate hand-in-hand with the participating musicians and mentors in creating the images.  Showcased in this post is just a small sample of this year’s collection.  All of the images are created within various locations in and around the Strathmore Mansion, the intimate home of the AIR music program.  The Mansion also doubles as a music venue for the artists to perform and showcase their talents.  You can learn more about the program, artists, & mentors here.

Marian McLaughlin | Strathmore | Jonathan Timmes Photography

Rochelle Rice | Strathmore  Jonathan Timmes Photography

Seth Kibel | Strathmore  Jonathan Timmes Photography

Invoke | Strathmore  | Jonathan Timmes Photography

(top-bottom) Marian McLaughlin, Rochelle Rice, Seth Kible, Invoke