ASMP: 8×10 Event

Every January, the DC chapter of ASMP invites eight photographers to present their work to an audience of fellow members and guests. Each presenter is allotted roughly ten minutes to speak, showcase, and discuss his or her work. Thus… the event has cleverly come to be known as the “8×10” presentations. This year, I have been invited to participate as one of the eight guest presenters.  We have each been asked to highlight our personal work and discuss how it relates to and informs our editorial and commercial assignments.

Uliana Bazar
John Boal
Brad Howell
Alex Jamison
Leena Jayaswa
Andrew Propp
Liz Roll
Jonathan Timmes

The event will be held on Tuesday, January 15 at the Wechsler Theater located on the campus of American University. Please come out and join this diverse group as we each share our approach to the craft and business of making great images.

D-Rock: Friendship & The Birth of Style

Featured in this image is Derik Frymire, aka “D-Rock”… my creative partner-in-crime in just about every uninhibited teenage exploit since the 7th grade.  As kids… we developed a distinct & quirky sense of humor that inevitably blossomed out of layers upon layers of inside jokes.  Like a lot of kids in the late 80’s… we discovered our parent’s VHS recorder & began to channel our humor through sketch comedy, movie parodies, mock commercials, and improvised skits.  Our work quickly gained popularity amongst our family & friends… & it soon developed into a neighborhood obsession that spanned over many years of comedic movie making.  To this day… these memories are some of my most inspiring.


We shot this image many years later… in the Fall of 2001 on the back stairwell of Derik’s studio apartment in Hightstown, NJ. At the time… Derik was a budding actor… & I was working as a freelance photography assistant in NYC.  With exposure to a vast array of markets & techniques… one could say that I was “paying my dues” and struggling to find my own path & style.

Through the use of a few strobes, a wide angle lens, and a roll of Fuji Superia 400 (cross-processed in E-6 / rated @ 100 / pushed +1)… this image came together to spawn a style that was new for me at the time and that has inspired the direction of my work ever since. Although I’ve long given up the practice of cross-processing film… the control of light, color, contrast, & perspective that we managed to achieved that day are all still driving elements found in my work.  In fact… over the years… this skill set as evolved into a signature style that now defines my environmental portraiture.

Derik, satisfied with his accomplishments, soon left acting to pursue other endeavors including training & competing in triathlons.  He is currently en route to become a PA State Trooper… still competes in triathlons… & still makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever known.

For his loyalty, friendship, and inspiration… I’ll be forever grateful.