Parthenon Huxley: “Kiss the Monster”

I recently had the opportunity to work with “pop genius”[1] Parthenon Huxley, aka Hux.

We met up with Hux at his modest home/studio where he vents his creative energy amongst a tapestry of fine art, music memorabilia, and (most notably) his collection of vintage guitars. Having recorded 8 full-length albums, the singer/songwriter just released his latest entitled…

Kiss The Monster


[1] Michael Simmons – L.A. Weekly

General Colin Powell

This image of Colin Powell was created at his office in Old Town Alexandria. Knowing that our time with the General would be limited… my assistant & I arrived early and prepped all of our gear outside in the parking lot. Once we entered his office… we were armed with a plan and ready to shoot.

To achieve the intimacy and drama that my art director was looking for… I chose to light the General with one soft-box (camera right)… thus yielding very intense shadows (camera left). To make this work… I asked the General to take a seat at his conference table so I could shoot him from a slightly higher vantage point. It was just as important that the General angled his face up and to his left so I could position the height and angle of the soft-box to strike both eyes and sweep across his face.

Precisely after one minute of shooting (62 seconds to be exact)… the General cut us off and the shoot was over. Before I knew it… we were back in the parking lot breaking down our gear.

Colin Powell | Jonathan Timmes Photography

 Never in my career was I so thankful to have a plan and be prepared. In that short amount of time… we were able to pull together everything needed to make this image work and make my editor happy.

50 Best Restaurants: 2009

The goal for this story was to create high quality imagery to compliment high quality food. Knowing that I was to be working with the area’s most sophisticated chefs & restaurants… I planned to create an elegant, soft and subtle lighting concept to employ at every location. When assigned to a feature, It is important to me that image quality be consistent throughout the story. I always count on unforeseen obstacles to come into play… especially when shooting at so many different locations. Even though I had a lighting concept in tote for this story… the need to think on my feet and improvise proved to be necessary at more than a few restaurants.



November ’09
“50 Best Restaurants”
2941 Restaurant: Grilled Octopus
Inox Restaurant: Lobster & Short Rib Ravioli

Sept ’09: Northern Virginia Magazine



On Saturday, I was quite excited to find the September issue of Northern Virginia Magazine in my mailbox. Although I was anxious to see my images… I was absolutely floored when I saw the design work of the features that I photographed. As I’ve grown to expect, the layouts and graphics are contemporary and visually stunning. The stylization of the design work compliments the color palette of my imagery & demands the attention of the reader. This is a must see issue… pick one up when you get a chance!

After 3 years of collaboration… I remain excited that the magazine’s art department is still keeping it fresh and new. My hat’s off ladies… Nice Job!

“Crash & Learn” – Chain des Rotisseurs & PX Lounge
Art Direction: Hana Jung
Design: Laura Goode

“Filmmaker on the Battleground” – Roshini Thinakaran (National Geographic)

Art Direction: Hana Jung
Design: Elisa Glass